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I have designed exclusive online courses specifically for students, professionals and freelancers (I appreciate you may be all three, so take a look at each category!) Each course is designed to last for one or two weeks but can be accessed and finished at any time. The courses use instructional videos to introduce theoretical foundations of topics combined with downloadable worksheets that use evidence-based strategies to help you create change right now. Courses prices and packages area available for individuals and organisations. Save when you buy all 3 courses in a category, except for the freelancers courses which are free of charge thanks to generous support from One Dance UK. You can also buy gift cards for the courses to treat a dancer in your life!

Dance Class


Understanding and Enhancing Motivation

Building Self-confidence

Anxiety SOS

Break Dancer


Re-thinking Work-life Balance

Stress SOS

Cultivating Optimism to Enhance Wellbeing

Modern Dancer


Self-confidence and
Communication Skills

Building Resilience

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“It is so difficult when you have a student who has potential and passion, but their confidence is halting their progress. Looking to support my student I purchased the Building Self-Confidence course for them to access at home. In the past they would regularly walk out of class, but since completing the course I have seen such a difference. They have not walked out of lesson, they have begun to ask questions to support their development and taken part in their first performance. They can now see that feedback is not criticism, but a vehicle progress. Thank you so much. This student can now enjoy their dance experience and feel confident that they can fulfil their potential.”

Danielle Humphrey, Head of Dance, Farringtons School

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