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Download copies of research reports from projects I have conducted. Please note these are in chronological order rather than arranged by subject so if you can't see something you're interested immediately, keep scrolling! 

A qualitative study exploring the impact of an intergenerational, cross-disciplinary Arts and Heath project on participant wellbeing

This large-scale project examined the working lives of freelancers, their support needs, the contributions they make to the UK economy, and their levels of wellbeing in a mixed methods design. Please note this is a pre-print was submitted to One Dance UK in February 2019. The research was approved by the University of Bedfordshire Ethics Committee and all data is anonymised. Any views expressed in the report are those of the authors and not the commissioning body or funders.

An action research project investigating ways of enhancing the accessibility of codified ISTD syllabi for young disabled dancers.

This mixed methods, longitudinal project evaluated the efficacy of Stopgap Dance Company's new inclusive IRIS syllabus.

An additional project explored the values and attributes of teachers in inclusive talent development settings. Download the report here.

This qualitative study investigated the experiences of independent (freelance) dancers from a psychological perspective.

This study formed the foundation for future work into talent identification and development among young disabled dancers.

Better known as "the CAT project", this longitudinal, interdisciplinary project examined the processes of developing talent among 10-18 year old dancers.

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