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Download free worksheets and fact sheets that will help you to start making changes, whether you need to shake up the balance of activities in your life, deal with performance anxiety, or evaluate your thoughts. If you feel like you need more support in these areas, or would like helping using the worksheets, coaching may be a useful next step.

Wheel of life pic.png

Use the wheel of life activity to create a visual overview of your life. Do you need more balance between different areas of your life? Are there areas you would like to pay more attention to? The wheel of life will help you identify them.

Using a thought diary (sometimes known as a thought record) is a really effective way of starting to understand your habitual thinking patterns and gaining more perspective in challenging situations. 

Thought diary pic.png
Stress mapping.png

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stress mapping can help you to evaluate and prioritise different stressors and which one/s to take action on first.

This worksheet will help you to set and monitor goals. Over time, you will find that you can stay focused on the task, monitor your progress, and feel more confident as you recognise your improvements.

This worksheet will help you to understand which worries and stressors are outside of your control, to enable you to deal with – or become more accepting of – them.

Evaluating worries and stressors.png
Losing yourself in the work.png

If you find it hard to deal with performance anxiety or stage fright, this factsheet explains why performance anxiety can actually help us, and offers some tips for managing it.

We all know that practice is critical when it comes to learning new skills and preparing for performances or assessments. But physical practice is only part of the equation: mental skills can also enhance training and performance. Find out how in this factsheet.

Beyond physical practice.png

If you are experiencing some kind of psychological difficulty like stress, low mood, or anxiety, completing this worksheet will help you to identify your specific symptoms in relation to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and behaviour. Completing this worksheet will give you a clearer sense of where to start when making change to improve your mood.

Are you unsure whether or not to make a change about something in your life? Have a go at this simple change decision matrix, and weigh up the pros and cons of making the change or keeping things the same.

Increase your understanding of your own unique burnout symptoms, and take action to manage those symptoms before they lead you down the path of burnout.

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