I have designed exclusive online courses specifically for students, professionals and working parents (I appreciate you may be all three, so take a look at each category!) Each course is designed to last for one or two weeks but can be accessed and finished at any time. The courses use instructional videos to introduce theoretical foundations of topics combined with downloadable worksheets that use evidence-based strategies to help you create change right now. Courses prices and packages area available for individuals and organisations. Save when you buy all 3 courses in a category.

Dance Class


Understanding and Enhancing Motivation

Building Self-confidence

Anxiety SOS

Break Dancer


Re-thinking Work-life Balance

Stress SOS

Cultivating Optimism to Enhance Wellbeing

Exercising with Baby



Courses unpicking identity, body image, and parenting yourself when your life is busier than ever

"Imogen has been lecturing for our Dance Science programmes since the start in 2015. As one of the leading experts in the field of learning and teaching dance for different population groups, she always delivers an excellent programme, which has been highly appreciated by our students. We are thankful to have Imogen with her well-organised and interactive approach, and her fun and exciting classes on our programme."

Dr Andrea Schaerli, MAS Dance Science Programme Leader, University of Bern

"I want to express my thanks for the online seminar. It was so well done, the knowledge you shared was so valuable and I liked your way of presenting: keeping it light but getting your message across at the same time. I’ve already tried to incorporate some of your tips and am motivated to keep a firm grip on my emotions and dealing with them in a healthy and effective way. I will also definitely pass on my new knowledge to my dance students! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who left the webinar feeling uplifted."

Brooke, Dance Teacher and wellbeing webinar participant, Germany

"Having known Imogen across the years in our various roles in the dance sector, I am so excited to see what she can offer the industry in this new venture. With her expert knowledge on dance and psychology as well as her personal experience as a parent, Imogen has so much to offer our sector as well as approaching her work with a deep empathy for the individual."

Lucy McCrudden, Founder, Dance Mama